Like the majority of us girls out there, we can never leave home without our favorite skincare or makeup product in our bags. And I can tell you now that most girls have a handful of lipsticks and powders swimming around at the bottom of their bags. But for me, it’s always a couple of hydrating berry tinted lip balms and the all-new Shiseido Suncare Compact Foundation. Why? Well, I’ve always been big on sunscreen and If there’s one piece of advice I can give to you now, it’s to always moisturise and protect your skin from the sun. Early prevention is key. So, whether that be by using a sunscreen or a sunscreen based makeup, it’s important to find what works for you and your skin and to stick to it.

Shiseido has just reformulated their new Suncare Foundation (Compact Foundationliquid Foundation and Stick Foundation) that features their new Superveil – UV  360 which gives a high UV protection with a beautiful natural finish, and I must say I’m now a big fan of the Shiseido Suncare Compact Foundation.

I love a natural, even look and since I’m always out and about in the sun, exercising, sweating and running from meeting to meeting.

Using the Shiseido Suncare Foundation makes sense as that’s what it is for. It’s seriously long-lasting, hydrating, water resistant, sweat resistant and great for touch-ups on the go. Yes, I’ve tried quite a few different brands, and there is nothing that compares or gives the silky smooth finish and protection that this little blue Shiseido foundation does. And that’s why I never leave home without it. I highly recommend!

Head to for more information and colour choices.

Photography by Dave Wheeler/ Makeup by Samantha Powell/ Makeup Shiseido Suncare Foundation/ Swimwear Eve Paris Brasil Sydney/ Hair by People Hair Dressing/ DEDICATED POST

Bianca Cheah, Shiseido

Bianca Cheah, Shiseido

Bianca Cheah, Shiseido

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