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If you follow my Instagram account @biancamaycheah you would have seen that I’ve been head down bum up in Yogaland for the past six weeks. While yoga has been a passion of mine for a while my life has literally been revolved around yoga recently while I completed my 200+ hours of yoga teacher training under the guidance of my dear friend and yoga mentor Kate Kendall at Flow Athletic. However, it was all for a great cause for Sporteluxe and more importantly, for my own wellbeing! So…I’m happy to report that I officially graduated on the weekend.

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So say hello to your new yoga teacher! Some of you may wonder why I took the time to complete a yoga teacher training course when I’m already so damn busy? And why would I want to teach yoga in the first place? Well, to be honest, initially I wasn’t sure I even wanted to teach. All I really wanted was to improve my practice and have a better way of life.

What you gain from the study of yoga is about so much more than just flexibility. It’s about so much more than just postures. You gain a fundamental wisdom about in how to be calm and peaceful. As a yoga teacher you have a greater sense of self awareness. You learn meditation techniques that can really help to stay grounded, even in the midst of the most chaotic and stressful situations. You embrace a healthy lifestyle that is truly holistic.

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Lastly, yoga teachers aren’t as easily impressed by the superficial! Living by the yogic principles on and off the mat we tend to focus on how people live, how they treat others and it gives you an appreciation for what’s really important in your own life. It’s a new way of living and since learning about the theory behind yoga, it all makes sense now.

I can’t stress enough to you, that you’ll never really know how it feels until you’ve undertaken some study of yoga. It’s not just about pretty yoga postures on Instagram, it’s a lifestyle. So yes I can’t wait to teach not only the asana practice, but to also help you lead a better life.

So please keep following Sporteluxe and my pages as from time to time I will be sharing some yoga wisdom and leading you into a healthier way of life both on and off the mat!

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