Autumn calls, which usually means new beauty buys! Check out Bianca Cheah’s latest round-up of beauty approved buys!

Most people don’t know that our skin goes through four seasons of change which means that our skin will mostly transition across all different skin types depending on the season. Summer usually sees more of a combination to oily T-zones, whilst the cooler months see more dryness to normal skin types. Either way, your skin does go through many changes throughout the year and it’s super important to recognize where your skin is at and what it needs which is also why I always do a beauty product overhaul every 3 months.

So, as we’ve just hit Autumn (cooler nights and warm days), my skin has become quite dehydrated at night and normal/combination during the days. And since being in the Sporteluxe office, I’m lucky in that I get to road test a lot of products that get sent to us. So here I’ve shared with you a handful of what I’m really loving at the moment. And I’m hoping that if you have the same skin type as me, you might also love these products too.


Shop → Coconut revolution Organic Coconut Oil Beauty. 420ml $19.95

A great substitute for my summer foaming cleanser. Coconut oil is not only good for your health, but a great skin cleanser. I use this after splashing my skin with cold water at night time to cleanse my skin.


Shop → Edible Beauty Citrus Rhapsody Radiance Tonique, 100ml $35

An uplifting tonique combining a blend of antioxidant rich fruits and herbs. Since my skin is dehydrated normal/ combination, the Fig and Bilberry boost the hydration levels whilst the May Chang removes excess oil from my skin and reduces enlarged pores. I usually can’t wait to pop this one on my skin at night.

Lip Gloss

Shop → Burts Bees Natural lip Shine in Whisper, $14.95

I love the natural, healthy glow and I can’t get enough of the Burts Bees range. Especially the lip shine in Whisper. With apricot wax and and sunflower seed oil, my lips have never looked better!


Shop → Edible Beauty No. 3 Sleeping Beauty tea, 45gm $12

Sleep is when your skin repairs itself. So sipping on a great good night tea during the evenings always ensures a good nights sleep. And the calming Chamomile flower and Lemon Verbena in the No.3 Sleeping Beauty tea seems to work a treat every night.


Shop → Happy Plugs In-ear Rose Gold, $59.99

Listening to music is a big part of my day. I find that it helps me to relax and get in the zone. Most notably at night I’ll listen to chilled beats in my room whilst doing a spot of work, and these stunning rose gold ear plugs from Happy Plugs do an amazing job with sound quality.


Shop → Say It With Polish, $18

This arrived the other day at the Sporteluxe office, and I thought what a great idea! A girls gotta love personalised nail polish in her beauty cabinet!

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