Bianca Cheah wears: Olympia tights, tank and bra from and Nike Studio Wraps from (coming soon)| Photography by Emily A Bay | Location One Hot Yoga, Melbourne

Here’s some helpful active wear fashion tips that should have you looking super chic in your next yoga class!

Got too much to choose from in your sports-drobe? Are you packing your bag whilst running out the door trying to think best of what will go with those pink tights you have in your hand? Well as we all know, active wear is huge at the moment and it’s no wonder your stuck thinking…. what to wear! It’s almost as if we need a personal stylist to lend us some much needed fashion advice! Well, not to worry as there are a few basic style rules for when it comes to looking chic and slim in active wear. Here I share my 4 top tips on how to nail your workout look!

Loose tank tops

These are super stylish especially the styles with low sides where your sports bra is exposed. Sexy! However, these are not so cool when your upside down in a shoulder stand. Hello stomach and boobs! A great way to avoid this and keep that style factor is to tie the material at the bottom of your top in a knot at the back or on the side. This not only shows off more of your shape and creates a longer line, but enables you to focus on your poses rather than looking awkward pulling your top down during that zen moment.



Sports bras

There are so many out there to choose from. Make sure you are aware that there are different bras for different workouts. Yoga bras that are low at the sides give you more freedom and agility when you’re moving and stretching. And the best part, they don’t give you that ugly back fat or side boob! Trust me you’ll look more slender and fit. Olympia do a fantastic style called T-Bra nude that does all of the above!



Go for the tights that are a little more high waisted and are made of a much firmer material. These types will hold you together more so you won’t experience that dreaded wobble! Also, go for those tights that are either full length or end at the knees. The 3/4 styles tend to trick the eye and make the leg look shorter.



So you’re not fond of your feet! Why not invest in a pair of Nike Studio Wraps that come in an array of colours (coming soon to Australia)? Not only do these stop you from sliding on your mat, they also keep your feet looking elegant and stylish like a ballerina! And if you want to go the distance, the Studio Wraps come with ribbon so why not go all out and take your workout to the next level!





Posted by:Bianca Cheah