My life is pretty simple (apart from my long working hours). I always aim to live a balanced life and I’m not one to partake in fad diets or trending workouts. I like to stick to what works for me and that’s yoga, running and eating clean foods. One of my ultimate indulgences is biodynamic wines, especially Rose’s and Reds. You’ll never catch me drinking soft drinks with spirits, that’s just a big no-no. But you will catch me nibbling on a Caramello Koala (call me a kid but they make me smile). So like everyone else I love and eat chocolate.

Sometimes my weekends do get filled with Sporteluxe work duties, but I always aim to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hard work pays off and I know working weekends won’t always be the case. When I do get my downtime, my fiancee Simon Chalmers and our puppy Sporte The Frenchie will always head to the local park so he can socialize with the other dogs. In the afternoons, especially Sunday’s we love to relax in our SackIt lounges on the terrace whilst we BBQ a chicken, some meat, and veggies whilst reading the Sunday TelegraphSporte will always be sitting on his DOGit Cobana, and if anyone is looking for a dog bed, try one of these as they are waterproof and are soupy comfy.

Welcome to my family and home!

Photography by Chantel Cheah | Nanushka Tilba Gathered Skirt $340, Nanushka Yani Cropped Tank $135, SackIt lounges, DOGit Cobana

Bianca Cheah, Simon Chalmers

Simon Chalmers, Sporte The Frenchie

sackit, Bianca Cheah

sackit, Bianca Cheah, Simon Chalmers, Sporte The Frenchie

Sporte The Frenchie, sackit

When I’m not in fitness attire (which is rare), I love to dress in feminine and elegant clothes. My latest buy is the Nanushka white skirt and beige cropped tank (pictured) from We Are The Stables in Surry Hills. Not only does this store stock my favourite brand Nanushka, but they also stock T by Wang, Celine, Frame denim, Ahlem sunglasses, Lumira candles and so on…Def worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Bianca Cheah, nanushka

Bianca Cheah, nanushka

Bianca Cheah, nanushka

And of a night just like any family we love to watch a good movie and make a home cooked meal.

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