One Australian woman dies every 10 hours from Ovarian Cancer

Did you know that one Australian woman dies every 10 hours from ovarian cancer. That’s one too many. Not only does it affect women of all ages (mums, sisters, daughters and friends), but currently there is no early detection test for ovarian cancer and no cure. Ovarian Cancer is the fourth most common cancer affecting women and although it is less common than breast cancer (which affects one in 11 women), proportionally more women die from ovarian cancer because it is usually diagnosed in it’s advanced stages when it is very difficult to treat and almost impossible to cure. While advances have been made in survival rates for breast cancer, there have been no recent breakthrough in ovarian cancer, and survival remains poor.

This month I have joined the the fight with Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to support and become a part of a global change to the future of women’s health. The goal is to raise awareness and vital research funds for the development of an early detection test that will save thousands of women’s lives and hope to make a new change.

We can’t fight this alone, but we all can together.

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Posted by:Bianca Cheah