I’ve always found running more of a time where I can just run and not think about work or life. It clears my mind. And what makes my running more worthwhile is having something incredible around you to enjoy.

My favourite place while back home on holiday is Kingscliff. I found this road that tracked for miles around the Cudgen cane fields and farms. So coming from living in the hustle and bustle of Sydney, this is like a breath of fresh air (literally speaking). Taking in the glow of the sunset, the scent of farm grass and cane fields to the cows watching my every stride on the road. Just incredible, and so worth waiting for again the next day.

So for any of you who think running is a chore and only do it for the fitness elements, why not think of it in a different way. Research and choose somewhere special where you can just be in your own moment with nature and just enjoy your run. Trust me, the feeling you get is addictive!


Bianca Cheah

Bianca Cheah

Bianca Cheah

Bianca Cheah


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