Whilst the current season in Bali is kinda considered winter for them, it’s still hot and sunny in my opinion… but just perfect. You won’t find yourself sweating as much. One point I’d like to raise is that at least you can ride a scooter around town. With the weather so beautiful and not as harsh, It’s a great idea to leave the comfort of an air-conditioned car to their hotter seasons. Go and hire a scooter. Riding a scooter means you’ll be able to dodge the chaotic traffic, and cruise around with the wind in your hair which just makes the experience just so much better.

So what do I pack for a day out on my scooter in Bali?

  • Hiring a scooter is nothing but very affordable. Maybe averaging about $4 Australian per day. (make sure you can drive a scooter first). You’ll need to submit your license.
  • A hat! Those helmets have been worn by lots of other tourists, so wearing a hat under the helmet is a pretty good idea (well I think anyway). I love my Tigerlily large brimmed hat that keeps my neck shaded.
  • A secure backpack is a better idea, but I throw over my shoulder a straw bag. Makes the outfit 🙂
  • A set of my favourite Tigerlily bikinis.
  • An on-the-go all natural Sukin face moisturiser. I’m forever going swimming and wiping my face from the city smog, so cleaning my face with some cleansing wipes and then refreshing my face with a light natural face moisturiser post a swim is always a must for me. My skin stays clean and hydrated all day long.
  • My Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. What can I say? They’re a classic.
  • Comfortable sneakers that I don’t mind getting dirty. I love my converse as they’re so affordable and I can walk all day in them.
  • My Tech! I can’t go anywhere without my laptop and iPhone. My iPhone gets me around with maps so I’m never lost and my lappy is so I can carry my office wherever I go with me.

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