When you think of Bali, all that comes to mind is their hot sun, beautiful swimming pools and delicious food (well for me anyway). My five days in Bali saw me hanging out at a few key places. The first being my friend’s villa called Villa Sahaja in North Kuta. My friend Luke owns and built the Sahaja villas, so it was an absolute honor to spend a day and night here whilst he hosted me. The open plan living and bedrooms overlooking the inviting plunge pool and the huge wooden entrance door were probably the highlight of my stay. I highly recommend!

Bianca Cheah

Bianca Cheah, Fella Swim, IMG model

Bianca Cheah, Villa Sahaja, Bali

My next stop I spent at Chandra Luxury Villas which were booked through The Luxe Nomad. What a better way to spend a few days… This place is seriously what I call paradise! If you’re planning on a trip over to Bali and just purely want to relax, then I highly recommend these villas. Not only are these fully contained 2-bedroom villas suitable for a king, but you have at your disposal a personal chef to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the comfort of your own villa. Heaven! And the best feature of this villa, the outdoor bathroom that contains a rain shower and 2 person stone bath tub. Can you guess where I spent most of my time?

Chandra Luxury Villas Bali

Chandra Luxury Villas

Chandra Luxury Villas Bali

Chandra Luxury Villas

Bianca Cheah, Tigerlily dress

Chandra Luxury Villas

Of an evening, most notable were the Canggu sunsets. The grey/ black sand is a little odd at first but you get used to the contrast and it just makes the experience just that little bit more spectacular in colours. This place is a must to watch the sun setting and the myriad of surfers catching waves whilst sipping on a fresh coconut water. (pictured Simon wearing Dragon DS1 Sunglasses)

Simon Chalmers


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