Would you guess… that I kinda have a thing for Frenchies? You can’t half tell, right? Well not only do I LOVE Frenchies but I’m the proud momma to my little Sporte The Frenchie (who is the pet wellness contributor for www.sporteluxe.com, go check out his latest story here about an online pet wellness dog naturopath who provides health advice online). As it turns out, as much as I love my little man, Ballettonnet has collaborated with the talented Kerrie Hess Illustration to create a very cute pair of Frenchie slip on. And it just so happened a pair arrived in the post for me. Have I taken them off? I’ve worn them every day with my outfit to the Sporteluxe office since I opened the parcel. What can I say? They remind me of my Sporte the Frenchie puppy and they make me smile.

So thanks to the lovely Kerrie Hess and Ballettonet for the very generous and spot-on gift. If you love them as much as I do, then head HERE to grab a pair (I hear only 20 a left worldwide)

Let me know how you go 🙂


Bianca Cheah, Frenchie flats

Bianca Cheah, frenchie flats


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