The Nike Tech pack…who doesn’t own one? Each year Nike brings out a brand new style of Tech Pack. They’re that in demand that they’re constantly selling out by the time anyone can get their hands on one in a store. And chat with any person who loves Nike and they’ll most probably have at least one folded up in their sports-drobes.

Unlike me, one Tech Pack in my wardrobe is never enough and I have to say I own (well I’m pretty sure) every style that has been brought out by Nike since it’s debut. From memory, seven tech pack styles sit perfectly hung in my wardrobe. But… I’ll leave that story for another post on Sporteluxe soon (hahah). You’ll get to see all those styles, so stay tuned.

But for now, I’m talking about Nike’s latest Mulberry Fleece (which I’m modeling below). So cool and stylish, not only is this mulberry fleece the colour of this season, but this new style of tech pack definitely supersedes its predecessors. I’m loving the new style of hoodie…it’s lightweight, warm, big and private and that’s the way I like it whilst traveling. Great on those night flights. And, those thumb holes. So awesome for keeping out the chilly winds. And I can’t forget to mention the stylish cape feature at the back that is so iconic to Nike. My fav part.

So, just when I think how on earth can Nike make a new style of hoodie look cooler than their last one… goodness me, they just seem to kill it every single time.

So, kudos to Nike for yet another killer tech pack design. Looking forward to what’s in-store for next year,


Nike Cape, Bianca Cheah


Nike Cape, Bianca Cheah

Nike Cape, Bianca Cheah

Posted by:Bianca Cheah

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