So the next stop on my map is the beautiful island of Fiji. As you can see, the small island is surrounded by crystal clear waters, golden white sandy beaches, and warm sunny weather. The kind of holiday that I’ve been yearning all year.

It’s day three as I write this travel edit in my little beach bungalow whilst watching a move in bed. So far, my days have been filled with tennis, hitting golf balls down at the range, long relaxing beach walks and enjoying delicious foods made by the locals. To tell you the truth it’s been super relaxing and it’s something that I’ve needed. I call it my digital detox, even though I still am kinda working on my lappy. I still consider it a detox.

If anyone knows me well, I’m known for not ever sitting still. I love the fact that around every corner there’s always a photo opportunity. So I’m always on the hunt for that perfect photo. As a matter of fact, anything inspires me…so for day five, I think it’s prob time to go explore the island of Fiji. I hear that there are incredible waterfalls and islands of white sand and see-through waters that will really excite me and my cameras (heheheh). So here I am asking myself, where are these places? Well that’s my homework for tomorrow (I write that as I starting google mapping it hahahah)

But for now, and tomorrow I’ll be enjoying my beachfront Bure. Hope you like my pics (below) from out the front of my Bure. Stay tuned for my next edit as I’ll exploring this island of Fiji in a little more depth.

Wearing Fella Swim white bikini top and bottoms, Tigerlily Cape (similar style).

Bianca Cheah, fella Swim, Fiji

Bianca Cheah, fella Swim, Fiji

Bianca Cheah, fella Swim, Fiji

Bianca Cheah, fella Swim, Fiji

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