Here (one of my dear best friends) Chloe Morello and I show you how we like to perform a ‘quick’ facial massage with one of my personal favourite products in this cute little video we made.

Facial Massage Treatments are something that we should all be taking the time to include in our weekly skincare routines. Not only will your skin exude radiance, but working the muscles in your face is like giving them their own ‘exercise’. And when we exercise the muscles in our skin, they become more supple, toned and firm. This prevents the skin from sagging and losing its glowing lustre. And that’s a physical trait that no one wants to experience, not even me. So here (one of my dear best friends) Chloe Morello and I show you how we like to perform a ‘quick’ facial massage with one of my personal favourite products, the Sukin Rosehip Oil.

I perform this twice a week with the Sukin Rosehip Oil before heading to bed. First I shower, then cleanse the skin with the Sukin Micellar Water. I then work a few drops into the palm of my hand with the Sukin Rosehip moisturiser or water. That way my fingers won’t tug at the skin and will glide over making the massage a lot more enjoyable. Rosehip oil not only is super hydrating but it contains many antioxidants and helps to repair the skin. I remember when my skin was riddled with acne scars in my teenage years. I was so embarrassed that I piled on the makeup to cover them up. It wasn’t until a family friend who introduced me to Rosehip oil and the wonders it could do for my skin made me see the light. So there I was like clockwork, I used the product every night massaging it into my skin and after a few months, my scars had begun to fade and my skin was more radiant then I had ever seen it. It was like miracle oil.

So, coming from my own personal experience, I highly recommend using Rosehip oil to assist and repair the facial skin. All it takes is a few minutes of your time before you head to bed and after your shower. Popping this time aside a few nights per week you will not only see results, but your skin will thank you for it in the long run. Just remember, prevention is key. Once the skin damage is set in you can’t reverse it.

Let me know how you go and if you have any questions. Always here to help out.

Sukin Rose Hip Oil

Sukin Rose Hip Oil

Posted by:Bianca Cheah

3 replies on “Here’s How To Do A Quick Facial Massage

  1. The both of you are GORGEOUS! Beautiful smiles and a great energy I can feel through the screen of my phone ❤ I found you through Chloe and I can say you both really help to uplift my spirits when I'm down!

    I'm 21 as of April this year and I'm battling acne now worse than ever I'd say 😦 I've been working out and eating clean and taking great care of my skin and seeing some improvement, but the scarring is one thing that breaks my heart. I hope one day I can go outside without having layers of foundation and concealer on to keep from feeling insecure! Definitely going to order this product and I love that it's organic ❤



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