To put it bluntly, I LOVE timepieces. My soon-to-be husband Simon Chalmers is a serious watch collector, so naturally, I share the same appreciation for anything that is classic, elegant and displays the time.

I actually have my collection sitting at home in my watch boxes. But, they rarely see daylight, only on the special occasion will I wear them at a very special event. But what I don’t have is a day-to-day watch that I can wear to work, to meetings, to lunch, and to dinner. One that is durable, classic and elegant looking at the same time while also having that chic style factor to it.

So, when I was introduced to Folli Follie’s rose gold bracelets last month (of which I wear on my wrist every day), I naturally wanted to take a sticky beak at their own watch collection. Like most women, I love to shop online. So there I was going through a few pages of Folli Follie’s watch collection and I came across this one (below in my pictures). What do you think? Not only is it Rose Gold plated heheheh, but it matches my arm party of bracelets and rings and stays put on my wrist day in and day out.

I must say I like it and I’m its new proud owner. It’s work friendly, stylish and elegant. Just my kinda watch 🙂

Folli Follie, rose gold watch

Folli Follie, rose gold watch

Posted by:Bianca Cheah

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