Goodness me, summer is just around the corner. It’s so close I can even smell it when I wake up of a morning. So what does that mean for me? Plenty of beach days coming up which means…hello bikini! So in order to get summer beach body there have been a few things that I’ve been ticking off on my to-do list in the lead-up. Stepping up my fitness regime has been my number one priority but also getting my diet and skincare routine back into summer friendly mode. So here I’ve listed my top fitness, beauty and nutrition tips, along with some (visual inspirations of my latest Country Road Active Campaign) to get you super motivated and on track for the summer.

Bianca Cheah X Country Road Active

Photography by Emily Abay | Hair & Makeup by Tobi Henney

1. Fitness

Winter saw me training heavily indoors with the heater blasting. Who wants to train outside in the freezing cold, right? And those early morning rises when it’s still dark…ouch! So now that the weather has warmed up I’ve been heading down to my local park or beach to practice a few 30-minute Vinyasa flow sessions every week.

Country Road, Bianca Cheah
Above: I’m wearing Country Road’s sprint fluent bra and run flowing short.

I love how comfortable this outfit is when I’m moving and stretching to my maximum in yoga

Bianca Cheah, Country Road
Above: I’m wearing Country Road sprint fluent bra and run flowing short

Getting out in the sun also increases my vitamin D intake, that’s why training outside is just so much healthier for you. But those times it does rain, I’ll either resort to my go-to yoga studio Flow Athletic or practice at home. For my bigger sessions, I’ll head to Flow Athletic for some hardcore warrior workouts with weights.

Bianca Cheah, Country Road
Above: I’m wearing Country Road visor (coming soon), sprint fluent tank, flex continual bra and sprint fluent 3/4 leggings.

When outdoors I will always protect my skin with a minimum 30+ sunscreen or a stylish hat

2. Beauty

My skin is normal in winter and combination/oily in summer so I usually change up my routine and products to suit the season. Leading into summer I’ll exfoliate three times a week with my Sukin detoxifying facial scrub and moisturize with Sukin’s night facial moisturizer. Exfoliating sloughs away the dead skin cells which can look dull and enables the new skin cells to appear quicker…hello, glowing summer skin. I don’t want anything heavy on my skin during the warmer months as this causes excess oil which leads to blocked pores.

Bianca Cheah, Country Road
Above: I’m wearing Country Road flex continual bra, train track short and run flowing parka.


Massaging my skin every night promotes blood circulation and plumpness in the skin. All it takes is a few minutes with your moisteriser, massaging in firm upward motions and strokes. I never push or pull downward as this can increase skin sagging. And no one wants that. So always massage upward with firm strokes and downward with very light movements. If you know where the pressure points are on your face, then firmly press these points to alleviate stress. I do this every night before bed, a good ritual to get into if you’re stressed, it helps to promote sleep, too.

Bianca Cheah, Country Road
Above: I’m wearing Country Road visor (coming soon), exhale wafer tank, exhale diffuse legging and active bag (coming soon).

3. Nutrition

Once a week I’ll do a big grocery shop for my weekly lunch and snacks. Summer trolley additions will always be Chia Pods (Chia seeds contain high levels of Omega 3 and fiber) and the makings of a tuna salad (tuna, red onion, lemons, Roma tomatoes, cucumber and free range eggs). I love to snack on hummus with carrot and almonds. Almonds are really great to keep in your diet as they help to get into a deeper sleep at night, and a good nights sleep is said to assist in weight loss.

My favourite café is Bread and Circus and I can never go past their Breakfast by Gwyneth (yum) and their green juice, I always request no apple (this keeps the sugar and carbohydrate levels down). If you follow my Instagram (@BiancaMayCheah) you’ll always see me posting about green juices and they’re always the same: celery, spinach, parsley, lemon, and cucumber. Yep, it’s a little on the tangy side but that’s the way I like it. If I feel like a sugary snack I’ll make myself a cup of English breakfast tea with organic honey — this usually satisfies my cravings.

Green juices (without the apple) are my go-to juice. I always imagine that I’m drinking a whole bowl of greens. And it makes me feel so much healthier in knowing that that’s what it is

Bianca Cheah, Country Road
Above: I’m wearing Country Road exhale wafer tank, flex continual bra and train track short.

As I work long hours and dinner is sometimes hard to prepare and make every night, I’ll buy a cooked chicken and a kale and quinoa salad and eat this at home. If I want to spoil myself I’ll indulge in a glass of organic and biodynamic red wine. Or on a weekend I’ll make a dish on the Sunday like spaghetti Bolognese replacing the spaghetti with boiled baby broccolini instead.

See more of my latest Country Road Active campaign at

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