As nearly anyone who has adopted a four-legged furry little friend can tell you, pet hair is a nuisance. Especially Sporte’s in this case as his spiky blonde hairs cling to the carpet, stick into the furniture cushions and even embed into all my black clothing (goodbye black jeans). But now I can finally say goodbye to pet hair for good thanks to my new pet vacuum the Dyson Animal Pro Barrel Vacuum cleaner.

I love my not-so-little Frenchie, Sporte, but I most definitely do not love picking out his hair from my furniture and clothing. I’ve bought three vacuum cleaners in the past, and none have been able to pick out his spiky hairs grrrrrrr. After many sleepless nights of coughing and sneezing from so much hair and dust buildup in every single room, I decided enough was enough. Then after much whingeing to my friends, I was recommended the Dyson Animal Pro Barrel Vacuum cleaner… and so I decided to trial it.

Boy, was I impressed?! It’s super powerful with its eight cleaning tools. My favourite is the Tangle-free Turbine tool, which is specifically designed for removing hair and dirt – perfect for my fabric lounge. The vacuums slim design allows me to reach into awkward gaps (like under the couch and in their stairwell corners) and it’s also approved for allergy sufferers by the National Council of Australia. Bonus! With Simon  (my husband) having asthma and regularly using his asthma puffer, this vacuum recommendation couldn’t have come at a better time for the both of us.

It’s also worth the price as it’s the only vacuum with no filters to wash or replace and no bags to buy. So no extra costs. Hallelujah!

Just think, I have no more sneezing, coughing, wheezing and Sporte’s spiky hairs on my sofa or jeans. Maybe if you’re experiencing the same thing, maybe try the Dyson Animal Pro? It’s been a win from me all round. And trust me, you’ll never look back!

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Posted by:Bianca Cheah

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