I’m very lucky in that I get to travel the globe sourcing the best wellness hotspots to bring back just for you. Having the opportunity to travel is not only a truly rewarding experience, but it enables me to give you (my readers) an insight into the wide world of health and wellness. The content I share on this blog aims to inspire you to live a happy, long and healthy life. There is always one mantra I repeat every single day…”Your health is your greatest wealth and without it, you have nothing to fall back on.” So, go travel the world and live life to its fullest.

“Your health is your greatest wealth and without it, you have nothing to fall back on.”

Before you jump online to book your next flight to Capri, remember that flying does have its ups and downs. I can honestly say that maintaining your health and fitness mid-flight is not an easy task. Think recycled air conditioning, plane food, and no fresh air – Yuck! My skin usually freaks out (hello breakouts and dryness) and if I’m not ready and organized, then flying is a nightmare.

So today I thought I would share my in-flight beauty must-haves and tips that actually work a treat. The best bit… it doesn’t involve carting around your whole beauty bag on board.

Sukin, Bianca Cheah Beauty

My must-have on-the-go beauty essentials for traveling long haul

Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner

My absolute beauty travel go-to! I actually have one in all my bags because it’s a great skin pick-me-up. Whilst flying I spritz this all over my face as it hydrates instantly, mid-flight. Most cabins contain recycled air conditioning which can continually dry out my skin especially during long-haul flights. The Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner is the perfect answer to all my flights. Not only does it hydrate my skin, but the chamomile and rosewater in the Sukin Mist have a soothing and calming effect. I then pop on my sleep mask and Buono notte! It’s the perfect cabin must-have.

Curtis Collection Lip Gloss

I’m a big raspberry stain lip balm fan, but it’s also a nice treat to keep a red gloss in my bag as it immediately takes me from relaxed casual mode to dinner mode. Just as we land, I smudge a bit over my lips and voila! I’m ready to rock and roll.

My Mon Purse makeup bag

What can I say…It doubles as my clutch/ purse and travel bag. The perfect all-rounder.

Jo Malone perfume

Jo Malone makes the most beautiful natural scents. The Mimosa and cardamom scent is one of my favourite travel perfumes. I spritz this just behind my ears and on my hair for that long-lasting scent trail when I exit the plane. I feel like I’m shopping at the Positano fruit markets


If there’s anything I can’t leave the house without, its bronzer/ blush on my cheeks and a great lengthening mascara. The mascara instantly awakens my eye, and I apply the blush gently on my cheeks, forehead and tip of my nose to give me the look of glowing sun-kissed skin. I pop this on when I’ve just woken up on the plane. I feel like I’ve just stepped off an island.

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