Sometimes it’s not easy to get to the gym, let alone buying expensive gym equipment. So here I’ve created a mini yoga sequence that aims to tone and strengthen the upper body, thighs, and bottom. With the use of just 2 x 500 ml water bottles and this simple sequence, training can become a lot more accessible for anyone, including me!

All you need are 2 weights. When I’m practicing in a studio I’ll grab 2 x 1 kg weights, but for this exercise, in hot Abu Dhabi, I wanted to show you that you CAN use anything that you have in your kitchen or home.

PS – I totally lost the voice footage from this video so I’ve had to re-edit and voice over the top. hahahaha so sorry. Number 1 rule of creating video….check that the mic is recording!!

Ok, any questions just comment below. XX

Music by Dixxy
Shot on location in Abu Dhabi
Wearing abi and joseph

Posted by:Bianca Cheah

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