It’s no secret red lipstick is the makeup equivalent of slipping on a push-up bra or a pair of stilettos. It enhances your natural features and induces confidence. And I for one have always loved bold lips in theory—they’re feminine, advanced and downright glamorous. But, I haven’t loved them so much in execution. There have been plenty of times when I’ve been caught with red lipstick on my teeth, and even on my chin (god knows how it gets down there) which means I’ve ended up looking more messy than polished.

But, how does everyone else manage to pull off this look? I’ve always thought there must be some secret girl code on how to hold yourself and your pout when donning a red lip. So, I did some research.

Ahead, you’ll find the very best tips for rocking a red Lipstick with ease

Bianca Cheah wearing Shiseido Rouge ROuge Red Lipstick

  1. Choose a shade that suits your skin tone. Yes, it’s undeniably the hardest part of finding a red lipstick. But, it’ll make a big difference, trust me. And FYI Shiseido do an incredible range of reds
    • Asian skin tones should lean more toward blue-toned reds.
    • If you’ve got olive or medium skin, try pink and orangey red tones. This is me! I opted for Shiseido’s RD 312 Poppy.
    • Fair skin? Stick to true reds with cooler undertones.
    • Dark skin tones should opt for dark, rich berry shades.
  2. Prep your lips. Bright colours leave nothing to the imagination, highlighting every little crack and flake. So exfoliate your lips with a mixture of honey and raw sugar: It tastes ah-mazing and it’s a great scrub. Then apply a rich lip balm and let it soak in before applying your lipstick.
  3. When applying your makeup base, be sure to include your lips. This will help create a blank canvas. Then, lightly pat with some loose powder to help ‘set’ the colour.
  4. Line your lips with a lip pencil that is a similar colour to the lipstick. This gives the lipstick something to adhere to. Then, when it comes to applying the actual lipstick use a lip brush for the most precise application. But, if you have a steady hand, then go for it.
  5. Use the old trick…colour, blot, and colour.
  6. Clean up the edges of your lips with a concealer brush. Pay attention to your cupids bow and bottom lip. This will help prevent that dreaded ‘bleeding problem’.
  7. Now, to address the lipstick on teeth issue. Try this age-old trick: After applying your colour, pop your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it, then take it back out. This will remove any lingering lipstick.
  8. And, to discuss the lipstick on the chin problem. Try to eat little lady-like mouthfuls or opt for a long-lasting lip stain.
  9. If you’re going for a bold red lip, make sure you keep your eye makeup as minimal as possible. You want all the attention on your pout.
  10. Lick your lips ever so slightly before drinking out of a glass. That will keep your lipstick from adhering to the glass, and smearing on your face.

For this test, I chose to wear the Shiseido Rouge Rouge RD in 312 Poppy……. and here’s my review:

True to colour, this Shiseido Red Lipstick was incredibly comfortable to wear and didn’t even smear once—even after a meal and a few glasses of vino. I was incredibly impressed with the pigmentation and how easy it was to apply. Plus, it’s semi-matte, but non-drying and the colour is the perfect vibrant red for my skin tone. I felt like a totally new woman wearing this lipstick–and my hubby loved it! So, I would definitely wear it again, and might even give it a go during the day next time.

Keen to try a red for yourself? Head to where you’ll find Rouge Rouge is the go-to collection of creamy moisturizing lipsticks in an extraordinary spectrum of reds.

Posted by:Bianca Cheah

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