Popping pills ain’t my thing. Seriously!

But I know Vitamins are essential to my body. Which is why you’ve probably seen me harp on and on in my last video about how I eat a diet rich in vitamins, proteins, dairy, and grains  But, don’t get me wrong, I love a good a burger and chocolate or two haha. But what I am into at the moment is beauty vitamins for the skin. Green beauty, beauty ingestible’s, vitamin skin care…it’s all trending around the wellness globe and I couldn’t be more excited. Bring it on!

“Beauty industry, it’s about  time YOU GOT YOUR SKIN CARE ACT TOGETHER!”

Which brings me to my next comment…the hero product for today’s conversation. Meet Shiseido’s Ultimune. Put simply by me is just like a beauty vitamin for my skin. Packed full of holistic ingredients that support my skin’s health whilst protecting against the harsh environment, my skin thrives with a smoother (bye-bye wrinkles) and more resilient look (hello dewy-ness) and feel just after two whole weeks. And, the best part is that the tiny two minutes it takes me morning and night yields my skin big results in the end.

For such a small addition to my daily skincare routine, the Shiseido Ultimune is a definite no-brainer!

B xx

Bianca Cheah, Shiseido Ultimune

Posted by:Bianca Cheah

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