Every now and then (more like once in a blue moon, actually) I like to sit down and read. But not on my iPhone or laptop or Kindle—the old school way, with an actual book. And when I find a book I love, I can’t put it down—I’m like a binge reader! It’s a bit like Netflix, actually … before I know it, it’s well after midnight and my eyes are fighting to stay open, while my inner voice whispers, “Just one more page… just one more page.”

Bianca Cheah practicing yoga at Sky TingBut lately, with work constantly calling my name, finding the time to read is like drawing blood from a stone. Which is why I’ve started scheduling reading (not scrolling!) blocks into my workday. Funnily enough, I’ve been reading anything but fitness or nutrition. I find that Sporteluxe gives me more than enough daily reading on this topic—thank you, team—than I need.

The section of the bookstore I can’t help but gravitate towards is the one that houses self-love and building connections-style books. It’s not that I really need self-help, but I do like to read about positivity and personal development to be a better version of myself, for my friends, my family and me. Who doesn’t want to improve their lives, right? Life is about the journey, and our CONNECTIONS with others create the moments we enjoy and live for.  So yes, you’ve guessed right—February at Sporteluxe is all about “connections.” The theme obviously encompasses Valentine’s Day and romantic connections; we’ve also crafted stories around the health benefits of love, the most nutritious V-day indulgences (did you know cacao actually boosts levels of serotonin in the brain? So eat that entire box of heart-shaped chocolates without guilt!), and of course, a few reads on sexual health and well-being.

Bianca Cheah, nanushka, Simon Chalmers

But we’re also exploring other types of connections—romantic or not. We’ll explore exactly what we can do to strengthen our human relationships daily (which is what I love!)… Whether it’s inviting your girlfriends over for an organic beauty night, or better still baking an allergen-free batch of cookies that everyone in the office can enjoy. As I say time and time again, Sporteluxe is here to offer you the tools and advice you need to be the best version of yourself every, single, day.

I’m so excited for you to follow along and learn new ways to connect, cook, and just be the most awesome version of YOU.


Posted by:Bianca Cheah

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