It’s safe to say that I haven’t followed a traditional career path. Throughout the years, I’ve studied architecture and communications at uni, graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design, worked as a flight attendant, founded a sun-safe beach accessories business, become a qualified yoga instructor and am now a professional model and influencer, as well as running my online wellness destination, And, I’m not the only one! Gone are the days when people would study for a degree at university, go into that industry and work at the one company until they retire.

These days, more and more millennials are opting to jump from industry to industry, start a side hustle, work multiple roles at once, travel and work remotely, go freelance—or any combination of these things! And, there’s no industry attracting ambitious millennials quite like the digital wellness sphere. The health and fitness industry is booming, but it’s no longer just about working in a gym, clinic or studio. The wellness world is going online and with it, bringing hordes of health-conscious, digital-savvy millennials.

Read on for the top millennial wellness jobs taking over the world right now!

Content Producer:

These wordsmiths and web wizards write all the content, source the images and upload the articles you see on blogs and online publications.

Example: Sporteluxe Australian content producer, @emmajanenorris. Check out all of Emma’s work here.

Content Creator:

Different from a content producer, these talented peeps create visual content (think product photography, videography and flat lays) for brands to use.

Example: Content creator Kurt Tilse (Sarahs_day better and other half)

Last weekend we went away to shoot a commercial for @theshoppingbag Being a commercial lifestyle photographer most of my shoots are out on location and exposed to the elements. We arrived to super powerful winds, which straight away eliminated any possible drone/aerial imagery that we wanted to capture. Not to mention it was freezing and the wind was blowing sand all over my gear and our skin! About halfway into the shoot the cloud cover came over and it started to rain. “Are you kidding!” We stuck it out sitting in the car blasting the heaters to warm up. Eventually the storm past and we were left with the most beautiful sunset! On the day we had to think quickly and adapt to the ever changing weather conditions. However, getting home and scrolling though the footage, I am pretty sure I can say it is some of the most beautiful footage I have ever captured and I can’t wait to share it with you all! The ending quote to this story is “There is no perfect situation, don’t be limited or governed by current position. The difference between being good and being great, is our ability to adapt and make positives, from the negatives!“ Happy Monday! Kjt📷✌🏼

A post shared by Kurt Tilse (@kjtilse) on

Digital Creative Director:

They oversee the visual direction and strategy of the brand.

Example: ME! I do this for Sporteluxe.

Social Media Director:

They manage a brand’s social media platforms, including sourcing content, writing captions, uploading and scheduling, engagement and community management (ie. replying to comments)

Example: Sporteluxe’s London Glendenning is the Social Media Manager because it’s all about the ‘slashies’ these days! @london_44

A post shared by london glendenning (@london_44) on


These are people with large (and/or highly engaged) social followings who earn an income by promoting brands and products that are in synergy with their own brand.

Example: Chloe Morello! @chloemorello—not only one of my bestest of friends, but a kick-ass influencer who taught me all my makeup tricks and tips!

A post shared by Chloe Morello (@chloemorello) on


Similar to an influencer, but generally with more of a focus on their blog than just their social media platforms.

Example: Sally O’Neil from The Fit Foodie.

Client-side brand partnerships managers:

On the other side of the equation are the people who manage these brand collaborations and partnerships with influencers and bloggers!

Talent Managers:

Move over, model managers. Now, it’s all about the talent managers and agencies that look after influencers and their platforms to help them find the right partnership opportunities that align with the talents own aesthetic and principles. Talent managers usually work with brand partnership managers.

Example: IMG Talent @imgtalent

PR Account Executive:

In charge of getting personalities and businesses into the media in a positive light.

Example: Senior PR Account Executive Kira Tirshfield from Azione PR in LA @kiramackenzie

SEO Expert:

A specialist in optimizing digital content for maximum visibility in search engines. Most content producers are well versed in optimizing their content for SEO.

Digital Advertising Manager:

They sell advertising space on digital platforms, whether that’s pop up display ads or advertorials, pop-ups, new and exciting ways to tell the clients story on a platform.

Digital Marketing Strategist:

They oversee the strategy around getting the word out about a brand, through social media and digital platforms.


As the world becomes more conscious about taking care of ourselves, nutritionists are more in demand than ever. However, it’s not just working in a clinic anymore—many nutritionists are launching online programs and even becoming influencers in their own rights!

Example: Nutritionist and Owner of JSHealth, Jessica Sepel @jshealth

Health Coach:

Not to be confused with a nutritionist or dietitian, health coaches take a shorter course that allows them to mentor people who want to live a healthier lifestyle — often through online coaching.

Example: Model and Health Coach Tegan Martin @teganmartin

Yoga Expert:

Yogis are no longer just teaching in studios— they’re also hosting yoga retreats (which are all the rage right now!) and lending expert commentary to digital publications.

Example: Co-Founder & Director of Yoga, Flow Athletic Kate Kendall @activeyogi

A post shared by Kate Kendall (@activeyogi) on


Those savvy people using their knowledge and passion for wellness to launch their own products, whether it’s an app, activewear line or supplement range.

Example: Suja Juice and Lawless Makeup founder Annie Lawless @annielawles

Online Writer:

With the publishing world going digital, you’re more likely to meet an online writer than a magazine writer these days.

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